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24K P.E.C.K. in the Dark - Razor Edge

24K P.E.C.K. in the Dark - Razor Edge
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24K P.E.C.K. in the Dark - Razor Edge

We took Ed Halligan’s designs for the K.I.S.S. and P.E.C.K. knives to the next level of sophistication with 24 karat gold detailing, making them even more special, while retaining all the utility which has made them the most popular personal cutting tools we’ve ever offered. We also added two black-on-black 24K models. All have 420J2 stainless steel blades and handles.

The bright 24K K.I.S.S. and P.E.C.K. models are mirror polished to create a special occasion look and feel.

All the detail hardware— including the thumb stud, blade stop screw, blade pivot screw and pocket clip— is plated with 24 karat gold (In other countries it is defined as 23.99 karat gold because all gold has trace elements).

The Black Gold K.I.S.S. and P.E.C.K. models feature Teflon®-plated blades and handles for an ultra sleek and elegant look.

All four 24K models are packaged in a black enameled metal gift box with a gold ink imprint, making them the ideal gift or award.

All the innovative features of Ed’s K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) and P.E.C.K. (Precision Engineered Compact Knife) are there. The folders have only two major components—blade and frame—precision fine blanked for superior fit and smooth operation. The ingenuity of the Frame Lock™ design is that the secure, safe and strong blade lock serves not only as part of the frame, but also as the handle itself. A thumb stud is used to one-hand open the blade, and as the blade is fully rotated open, the Frame Lock snaps crisply in behind the blade to guarantee a sound lock-up. The blade can be closed with one-hand by simply releasing the Frame Lock.

The Original K.I.S.S. blade shape is Tanto-inspired—Chisel-Point on the front and flat on the backside—so that when the blade is closed onto its handle/frame, the precision fit effectively “seals” the cutting edge to the frame, even though it’s exposed. The P.E.C.K. uses a graceful Wharncliffe blade to similar effect.

Their pocket/money clip permits them to be used in a variety of ways: clipped to the pocket; as a money clip knife; and with split-ring or lanyard, as a key chain knife. Satisfied owners of the K.I.S.S. series have been telling us “These little knives are good as gold.” They’re right.

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